generating value through 

 meaningful, sustainable, competitive and creative 

 implementation of materials and technologies 


Materials-based product & design strategies
are key to assuring product portfolios that stand out as cohesive & relevant. 
These strategies address markets, supply chains, production and end-of-life.  

* Guidelines for implementing sustainable and circular materials and processes
* Materials evaluation & sourcing for streamline production

* Materials & Technologies trends reports, translated to strategic roadmaps


helping you choose the right MATERIALS for your product 

  • Identifying the latest material trends based on your target market, translating them into applicable, functional, aesthetic materials.

  • Creating, together with your designers, materials-led design concepts that will mature to be convincing products.

  • Producing custom materials samples & prototypes, to help you feel & test your design.

  • Analysing your currently used materials and suggesting alternatives that address your financial, commercial, functional and environmental challenges.

  • Finding the right converters & producers for your products.

  • Adapting your materials procurement & production processes to fit the circular economy.

  • Writing your materials story to best communicate it to your audience. 


“Creating a cross-portfolio design language to establish a connection between various products and enhance perceived quality relies greatly on the consistency of colors and material finishes used. materialscout helped us build our CMF strategy and source materials suppliers that can deliver exactly what we need”

Fabian Nehne, Director Identity and Experience Design, Huawei Technologies




LCA & Circular Economy 


Technical Textile Consultancy


Strategic Design & Innovation

It’s all about passion for materials & technologies.
The enthusiasm of stirring materials driven processes, leading to products, spaces, services that have a positive footprint. Processes that take into account consumer tendencies, materials sourcing, processing, implementation, emotional attachment and end usage with a circular approach. We provide materials-led research, strategy, concept development, curation and creative direction to international brands. 


materialscout connects the materials industry with the creative industry, linking suppliers, engineers, products managers, recyclers and designers to solve materials challenges together. Collaborating with other material professionals, across all branches of the industry, enables materialscout to deliver comprehensive and convincing materials solutions. 


materialscout was founded in Munich, 2015, by Efrat Friedland.
Educated and trained as an Industrial designer, she spent the last 17 years focusing on materials and technologies in the field of Industrial Design and Architecture. During which, aside her materials consultancy work, she established three materials libraries worldwide, curated numerous materials exhibitions, spoke at international conferences, taught designers about materials, wrote for professional magazines and used every opportunity she had to promote sensible and sustainable use of materials. 



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